120/70ZR17 RS11FGZ (58W) TL KAWA H2

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High-performance sport radials optimized for high-grip and handling performance on dry surfaces
Bridgestones MotoGP development analysis was used to determine the placement of new 3-D tread grooves to improve stability, grip and handling by optimizing block stiffness
Specially formulated rubber compounds front and rear offer sure grip as well as increased durability
Rear profile enables a larger contact patch for improved grip in mid to high lean angles
Cap and base on rear tire adds tread stiffness for stability when braking and accelerating
Rear tire has softer sidewall construction incorporated for better damping to improve handling
Rear is lighter than BT-003RS to lessen gyro effect for better handling
(W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph

About Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres:

The setting; 1930’s Japan. The scene; Shojiro Ishibashi has recognized the possibilities of the budding automobile industry and the need for a company that can produce tyres to meet the inevitable demand. The outcome; on March 1, 1931, Bridgestone Tyre Co. was born. Taken from the English translation of his surname, Ishibashi founded Bridgestone with a purpose, and the company has spent the years since becoming one of the largest producers of motorcycle tyres in the world. Through decades of tyreless dedication and cultivation of the craft, Bridgestone has forged a lasting impression on the motorcycle tyre industry (and all other types of tyre industries as well). From the expertise that comes with such experience to the advantages that come from being one of the largest players in the field, the motorcycle tyres that Bridgestone produces stand as some of the best options available to riders. Looking at the lineup of Bridgestone motorcycle tyres, it is easy to see what they have been doing in their research and design labs all of these years. They have been focusing, learning, and tailoring a huge selection of motorcycle tyres to reach across all riding styles, disciplines, and price points. Some tyres are for the race track, some are for long-range touring, some are for dirt, some are for -- well, just about any style and usage that a motorcycle tyre can be used for. If it needs tyres, Bridgestone has made it their purpose to craft the best options on the road or trail. From mainstays of the roadways such as the Bridgestone Battlax to the TW Off-Road Collection, Bridgestone makes it easy to shop for motorcycle tyres, regardless of where the ride ahead leads. When a company has been around as long, and been as successful, as Bridgestone has, there is a reason. Simply put, Bridgestone makes the rubber that keeps the world moving. They have been doing so for a long time and will continue to for a long time ahead. This knowledge base and innovative mindset that has been coupled with the resources to enact continual improvements is what sets Bridgestone motorcycle tyres apart from the pack.

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