Michelin 120/60ZR17 Power Rs

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SKU: PRS-12060-17
Tyre Width 120
Tyre Profile 60
Tyre Diameter 17
Tyre Pattern Power RS
Tyre Load (55W)
Tyre Position FRONT
Tubeless / Tube Type TL
Tyre Usage Track
Tyre Construction Radial

Michelin Power RS Tyres

The Michelin Power RS is engineered to raise the bar clear across the board - performance without compromise. Michelin’s Adaptive Casing Technology uses a single ply carcass at an angle close to 90° to reduce rigidity and increase grip at the crown of the tyre, yet folds that single ply over on itself on each sidewall to stiffen it, resulting in less sidewall flex and better tracking through corners. To further improve cornering stability, Michelin is using their 2CT+ dual compound technology for the rear tyre. 2CT+ tyres use harder rubber underneath the soft rubber at the tyre's shoulders to promote stability, especially under hard acceleration during corner exit. Michelin's proprietary race-bred compounds mean absolutely unparalleled grip and a uniquely confidence-inspiring feel that has to be experienced to appreciate.


  • Incorporates ACT (Adaptive Casing Technology) developed from Michelin race tyres for improved grip and unique feel
  • Front tyre profile optimized to promote quick turn in and accurate feedback
  • 2CT compound used on the front tyre to enhance corner grip without compromising longevity
  • 2CT+ compound on rear tyre reduces sidewall flex at lean and increases corner exit stability
  • Outstanding grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Tubeless (TL)
  • (W)-rated for speeds of 168+ mph

About Michelin Motorcycle Tyres:

Established in France in 1888, Michelin is currently the world's largest motorcycle tyre manufacturer, with production all over Europe, the Americas, Asia and beyond. A big reason behind the success of Michelin motorcycle tyres is their enormous racing involvement. With 360 MotoGP victories over the years and 26 premier-class world championships, Michelin's testing facility has been the race track. Mostly all modern technologies in Michelin motorcycle tyres were developed first for the track before they ever hit the company's production line for mainstream manufacturing. All of this field R&D and the championing by MotoGP racers has concreted Michelin as a trusted leading motorcycle tyre manufacturer for the everyday rider.

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