Shinko Motorcycle Tyres

Shinko Motorcycle Tyres

Shinko Motorcycle Tyres began as a company producing bicycle tires and tubes in Japan in 1946. In 1998, the Shinko Group acquired the motorcycle tyre technology from Yokohama and began production of Shinko motorcycle tyres. A relative newcomer to the motorcycle tire industry, Shinko tires utilize innovative Japanese engineering and design with extensive testing and R&D at their multiple US warehouses. Shinko motorcycle tyres are available no matter what your riding style, offering a variety of standout products.

150/80H16 SHINKO (R) SR777
SKU: S262


Shinko 150/70H17 E705
SKU: S380


100/90H19 SHINKO SR777  WW
SKU: S268


110/90V18 F230 SHINKO
SKU: S101


120/80H18 E705 SHINKO TL
SKU: S374


150/70R17 E805 (69Q) TL
SKU: S646


150/90-15 SHINKO SR777 WW
SKU: S252


150/90V15 R230 SHINKO
SKU: S102


4.00-19 SHINKO E270
SKU: S211


5.00-16 SHINKO E270 DLWW
SKU: S218


Shinko 110/80B19 E804
SKU: S621


Shinko 110/80H19 E705
SKU: S379


Shinko 110/80X19 F255
SKU: S493


Shinko 110/90R18 F255
SKU: S492


Shinko 120/70R19 E705  TL
SKU: TS1207019705


Shinko 120/70R19 E804 TL
SKU: S622


Shinko 120/70ZR17 F003 ULTRA SOFT
SKU: TS1207017003US


Shinko 120/80H16 F712
SKU: TS1208016


Shinko 120/90-18 E805
SKU: S628


Shinko 130/70-18 SR777 F
SKU: TS1307018F777


Shinko 130/80-17 E705
SKU: S371