Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres stem from a racing pedigree shared by few. Since 1872 Pirelli has been in the business of making some of the best tyres in the world and have been trusted by championship-winning race teams since the company's inception.

The Motorcycle Division designs rubber for nearly every riding segment, from the treacherous terrain of extreme enduro to the circuits of World Superbike and everything in between, the Pirelli name has become synonymous with performance. The choice of premium OEMs like Ducati, the Italian mark has long been the rubber of choice for riders who accept no compromises.

100/80-17 (52S) ANGEL CITY TL
SKU: 61-258-09


110/70-17 (54W) SUPERCORSA SP
SKU: 61-365-70


110/70ZR17 (54W) SUPERCORSA SC1 V3
SKU: 61-314-17


110/90-16 SPORT DEMON 59V TL
SKU: 61-134-21


5% OFF RRP $149.00
120/60ZR17 ANGEL GT II (55W) TL
SKU: 61-311-12


SKU: 61-277-03


130/70-17 (62S) ANGEL CITY REAR TL
SKU: 61-324-34


130/90-17 MT21 RALLYCROSS 68P
SKU: 61-069-78