Mitas Motorcycle Tyres

Mitas Motorcycle Tyres

Drawing from their experience in agricultural and industrial tyre applications, Mitas Tyres produces some of the toughest enduro and adventure touring tyres out there. With several different models to suit your riding needs, Mitas provides riders with tyres designed for their ultimate motorcycling adventure. Known for their longevity, Mitas tyres have enjoyed international success and acclaim for keeping riders riding long after the competition has worn out. 

Mitas E09 Dakar 90/90-21 54R TL Front
SKU: MTE09909021D


Mitas C-02 120/90-19 66N TT Rear
SKU: MC19600


Mitas C-02 Stone King 120/90-19
SKU: MC24566


Mitas E-07 110/80-19 59T TL Front
SKU: MTE071108019


Mitas E-07 130/80-18 72T TL
SKU: 2000024415101


Mitas E-07 150/70-17 69T TL Rear
SKU: MTE071507017


Mitas E-07 Dakar 140/80-17 69T TL Rear
SKU: MTE071408017D


Mitas E-07 Dakar 150/70-17 69T TL Rear
SKU: MTE071507017D


Mitas E-07 Dakar 90/90-21 54T TL Front
SKU: MTE07909021TLD


Mitas E-07+ 110/80-19 59T TL Front
SKU: MTE07P1108019


Mitas E-07+ 120/70B19 60T TL Front
SKU: MTE07P1207019


Mitas E-07+ 120/80-18 62S TL Rear
SKU: MTE07P1208018


Mitas E-07+ 130/80B17 65T TL Rear
SKU: MTE07P1308017


Mitas E-07+ 140/80-17 69T TL Rear
SKU: MTE07P1408017


Mitas E-07+ 150/70B18 70T TL Rear
SKU: MTE07P1507018