Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres

Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres

The invention of the wheel was a big deal. No doubt. But it wasnโ€™t always an enjoyable ride at first. Tyres matter too. In 1882, John Boyd Dunlop began to prove that when he developed his first set of tyres to make his sonโ€™s bike a bit less gruelling.

A patent soon followed, and the foundation of Dunlop Tyres was born. From that day, until right now (and looking well ahead into the future) the Dunlop name has been synonymous with the best in motorcycle tyres.

All of this history and dedication is the foundation of what sets Dunlop apart when buying motorcycle tyres. There is no style, purpose, or price point at which Dunlop motorcycle tyres arenโ€™t in contention for the top spot on the podium. With a long list of accomplishments and innovations for the ages, Dunlop motorcycle tyres have set the standard (and then surpassed it) since day one. Dunlop was the first to use Kevlar belts. They were the first to utilize radials. They were the first to create a 20-inch Off-Road Motorcycle Tire. They were the first to develop premium mini-bike tyres. They were -- well, you get the point. As it pertains to motorcycle tyres, Dunlop has been leading the charge for decades.

When shopping for motorcycle tyres there is no denying that Dunlop is at the top of many lists. There are few brands as ubiquitous within a business vertical as is Dunlop with motorcycle tyres, and for good reason. Sportbike to off-road, and Harley Davidson to ardent adventure touring, the Dunlop motorcycle tire arsenal hits them all and hits with authority.

Dunlop 120/90-18 AT81 Reinforced
SKU: DAT8118129R


Dunlop 410H18 K81
SKU: DJ0811841


100/80H16 GT301 F DUNLOP
SKU: DJ30116108


100/90x19 K180 DUNLOP
SKU: DJ18019109


110/90-19 (62M) MX53 INT-HARD
SKU: DMX5319119


110/90-19 MX 52 DUNLOP
SKU: DMX5219119


120/90x18 K180 DUNLOP
SKU: DJ18018129


130/80-17 K850 DUNLOP
SKU: DJ85017138


130/80H16 GT301 R DUNLOP
SKU: DJ30116138


130/80H18 TT100 TT GP
SKU: DJ081GP18138


SKU: DJ85517138


SKU: DRS217166


190/55ZR17 Q3+ DUNLOP
SKU: DQ3P171955


300-21 K850A DUNLOP
SKU: DJ8502130


325x19 K70 DUNLOP
SKU: DJ07019325


SKU: DJ0701935


SKU: DJ0701840


410H19 K81 DUNLOP
SKU: DJ0811941


80/100-21  & 110/90-18 D952 DUNLOP SET
SKU: DJ9522118SET


80/100-21  & 110/90-19 D952 DUNLOP SET
SKU: DJ9522119SET


80/100-21  & 120/90-18 D952 DUNLOP SET
SKU: DJ9521209018SET


80/100-21 (51M) AT81 STANDARD
SKU: DAT8121080


80/100-21 MX52 DUNLOP
SKU: DMX5221080