Motoz 150/70-18 ADVENTURE 70Q TL REAR

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Tyre Width 150
Tyre Profile 70
Tyre Diameter 18
Tyre Pattern Tractionator Adventure
Tyre Load 70Q
Tyre Position REAR
Tubeless / Tube Type TL
Tyre Usage Adventure

Unbeatable performance in the most punishing conditions, on all types of terrain. Like all Motoz products they are designed by experienced Australian off-road riders for Australian off-road riders.  Technically 25% stronger than many other adventure tyres. Deeper Tread than most adventure tyres.

Special compound designed to withstand the harshest of conditions found in Australia, USA, Baja, South America, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Morocco, etc. Tread is designed to self-protect for long milage and superior off road cornering.

Motoz 150/70-18 Tractionator Adventure Q Rear Features:

  1. DOT approved
  2. 25% stronger carcass construction than other adventure tyres guarantees world class performance with a high resistance to punctures
  3. Uniquely designed tread blocks self-protect for long life and self-sharpen for better traction through the life of the tyre
  4. Optimized hybrid natural / synthetic compound produces maximum grip in the hot Australian climate
  5. Superior block design creates a larger footprint and contact point providing superior traction 
  6. 30% more tread depth than most adventure tyres

About Motoz Motorcycle Tyres:

Motoz Tyres stand apart in both design and performance because first and foremost Motoz actually been riding dirt bikes for decades and understand the feedback that off-road tyres give through the bike. From this Motoz developed the Terrapactor concept to increase traction where the tyre works with the terrain by wedging and compressing the ground, unlike ordinary tyres that rely on digging it up and throwing it out the back of the bike. Motoz Tyres were also tired of off-road tyres that wear out quickly, so we combined our design innovation with materials innovation, resulting in tyres that have superior traction and mileage. Because Motoz have decades of off road riding experience, specialize in off road tyres, have award winning innovation, and use the best materials, Motoz Motorcycle Tyres believe are their tyres are the best quality hi performance off road tyres available.

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